What’s next after CAIIB?: 15 Certificate Exams in Finance and Banking useful for Bankers


As per IBA settlement, bankers who have passed JAIIB and CAIIB exams are entitled to salary increments. The Banks which are following IBA Salary structure is giving this benefit to their employees. After passing JAIIB, Clerks are eligible to receive one increment and Officers are also eligible for one increment. Passing the CAIIB examination gives two increments to clerks while officers get one increment. Apart from these associate exams, there are  Certificate Exams in Finance and Banking which are very helpful for development of bankers knowledge.

Whats next after CAIIB?

I know and felt your struggles and endeavours to pass the CAIIB for getting those increments. But now you have completed; Your salary has increased and you have rejoiced for your success. There is no ending for knowledge gathering in our Industry. Our banking industry is vast and it is very dynamic. We need to update ourself regularly. Also we have to expand our knowledge to other related areas; So that we have our chances in Banking Industry. Institutions such as IIBF, NISM and NCFM are providing many useful Certificate Exams in Finance and Banking for development of knowledge to the bankers. Among them 15 Certificate Exams in Finance and Banking are very useful for bankers and the persons who cleared CAIIB must try to clear these exams.


List of Certificate Exams Offered by IIBF in Banking :

Indian Institute of Banking & Finance is offering many Certificate courses for benefit of Bankers, IT Employees and BPO Companies. The following courses are important and useful certificate courses for bankers.

Important Specialized Courses by IIBF:

Based on the recommendation from RBI Capacity Building Committee, IBA has identified the following blended courses offered by Indian Institute of Banking & Finance. The specialized courses will be made mandatory for bankers working in those specalized areas from 01.04.2018

Areas where certification has been identified by RBI
Course offered by IIBF and identified by IBA
1 Risk management – credit risk, market risk, operational risk, enterprise-wide risk, information security, liquidity risk
Risk in Financial Services
2 Treasury operations- Dealers, Mid office operations
Certified Treasury Dealer
3 Credit management- credit appraisal, rating, monitoring, credit administration
Certified Credit Officer


I have written a seperate detailed article for above courses read  4 Important Capacity Building Courses must do for Bankers

Other Useful Certification Courses
  1. MSME Finance For Bankers
  2. Certificate Exam in AML/KYC
  3. Certificate In International Trade Finance,
  4. Certificate Exam in Customer Services and Banking Codes & Standards
  5. Certificate Exam in Foreign Exchange

For more visit Certificate Courses offered by IIBF

List of Certificate Exams offered by NISM:

National Institute of Securities Market (NISM) is conducting various certificate exams for persons engaging in various segments of Indian Security Market.  Almost all commercial Banks are providing DP services to their customers. So as a banker we need to know about Security markets. SEBI has mandated the NISM series exams. 

  1. Currency Derivatives
  2. Equity Derivatives
  3. Depository Operations
  4. Merchant Banking
  5. Mutual Fund Distributor Module.

Each module has series of examinations and passing them makes us specialized in Securities Market. For more details about examination fee and procedure visit  NISM Certifications 

List of Certificate Exams offered by NCFM :

NSE Acadamy Certification in Financial Market (NCFM) conducts exams to test the expertise in different fields of the Financial Market. The following are important areas of financial market.

  1. Modules in Commodities Market
  2. Modules in Capital Market Module
  3. Modules in Securities Market Module
  4. Modules in Derivative Market Module
  5. Modules in FIMMDA – Debt Market Module

Each module has Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Modules which makes us to get expertise in the particular segment of the Financial Market. For more details about the exam visit NCFM Modules

Uses of Certificate Exams:

  1. These are professional certificate exams conducted by reputed professional agencies in our Industry. So it has been recognized all over India by all Banks and other financial institutions.
  2. These certificate course are very helpful for our vertical career development.
  3. Some of these courses makes us specialized in particular segment of finance and banking. Thus we will be qualified to work in specialized areas.
  4.  During yearly appraisal and promotion appraisal marks are given to above courses under Special Qualifications.
  5. Some Banks provides one time refund of examination fee after successful completion of the exams.


Though there is no salary increment for the above examinations; They are helpful for bankers in many ways.  The above lists of exams are not exhaustive, I have mentioned only the few important exams. For more please look into the respective websites.

If you know any other certificate exams conducted by other institutions which are useful for bankers let us know in the comment section.

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  2. Happy Kumar Goyal

    Certificate in banking sector it used after MBA pgdm program



  4. apurv

    kindly guide how use full is mba distance leraning in banking career


    Currently working with PSU bank,Want to work in bank treasury,kindly guide me best course for this.

    1. Guru Bakyesvara Pandiyan (Post author)

      Then you have to clear certified treasury professional course conducted by iibf. For more details read https://www.bankeredu.com/4-important-certificate-courses-that-are-essential-for-capacity-building-of-bankers-what-is-next-after-caiib-or-jaiib/


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