HOW TO PREPARE FOR THE JAIIB EXAM: All you need to know about JAIIB Exam

Hello Bankers,

Every aspiring bankers in India wants to clear the exam JAIIB – Junior Associate for Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers. Every year many young talented people irrespective of their graduation are newly recruited by all Scheduled Banks. All of them wanted to clear this exam and in general there are three types of bankers who want to clear this exam:

  1. Persons who want to clear it for Promotion,
  2. Persons who wants to clear it for Increment,
  3. Persons who wants to clear for acquiring knowledge. (Trust me they exist)

The reason for you to pass the exam may be anything but its good you want to start preparing for the exam and crack it. Every one needs motivation and inspiration to move forward in life. It is the motivation that most bankers don’t have. After the busy and hectic every day work, when a banker simply seeing the syllabus, he get frustrated and loses his hope especially non commerce students.

But you have to keep yourself motivated and keep your wish to pass the exam alive, until you crack the exam. To prepare for the exam we recommend four simple steps.

STEP-1: Enroll and apply for the exam

STEP -2 Know the structure of the exam

STEP -3 Understand the complete syllabus

STEP -4 Prepare for the exam.

Enroll and Apply for the exam:

First of all friends, you need to enroll yourself as an ordinary member in Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) and then you have to register for the JAIIB exam. To become an ordinary member in IIBF, membership fees of Rs.1700/- + S.T is paid. And for a block of two attempts, exam registration fees of Rs. 2400/- + S.T is paid. So in total you will be spending Rs.4800/- and payment can be done only through online mode ( Ha  Ha Ha  Ha!!! here also Modi ji’s Digital India).

Why I recommend this as first step is because, I heard many of my colleagues saying their desire to prepare for the exam for one whole day, after getting fired from Officers/ Higher officials. Then after few days, if ask about their preparation for the exam they usually say, “Who will spend Rs.5000/-??”, ” I don’t have money now. Let me try after I get the Bonus/ OT”.

This step is very easy to do but we don’t know it’s importance. Because the moment of your desire to pass JAIIB will hardly last for few seconds or minutes or hours (may be for few days/months). But to sustain the fire you need to engage yourself within in it. Then only the desire will become as responsibility.

So once you spent some of your hard-earned money after restricting your monthly budget, you will be in a responsible position to prove your act by clearing the exam. So friends, Kindly enroll for the exam and don’t think it as an expense.  Think it as an investment which will fetch you good monthly returns (Increment) after six months (provided if you clear the exam 😉 ).

To enroll for ordinary membership Click here

If you are already a member of IIBF Click here to apply for the exam.

Know the structure of the exam:

The aim of conducting the exam is to provide basic knowledge to the persons working in banking & financial services for their day-to-day banking operations.

I am giving the snippets of the JAIIB exam structure in the following table. For full Rules & Syllabus for JAIIB Examination click here and download the JAIIB syllabus.


Structure of JAIIB exam Explanation 
  1. You should be an ordinary member of the Institute.
  2. You should have completed  matriculation examination or its Equivalent.
Exam Subjects/Papers
  1. Principles & Practices of Banking
  2. Accounting & Finance for Bankers
  3. Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking
  1. Each paper will have 120 objective type multiple choice questions.
  2. The total marks of the paper is 100. The marks to each question will be 0.50,1 and 2 depending upon the difficulty of the question.
  3. NO negative marks
Duration 2 hrs for each paper.
Mode Only through online at a specified center (it should be selected at the time of applying for the exam).

The center can be changed before the cut off date specified by the IIBF.

  1. January/February
  2. June/July

Note: For correct schedule of exam visit

Medium Hindi or English (should be selected while applying for the exam itself)
Time Limit


 With in 4 consecutive attempts or 2 consecutive blocks or 2 years .

Note: 1 Block = 2 consecutive attempts so 2 consecutive Block = 4 consecutive attempts.

Examination fee Fees is based on Block of attempts. You will be paying for one block of attempts so you can appear 2 consecutive attempts.
Passing mark for a subject




  1. Minimum pass mark is 50% in each subject.
  2. One exemption for single attempt: In a single attempt, if you scored at least 45 marks in each subject with a total of 50% marks in all subjects of JAIIB examination you will also be declared as having passed JAIIB Examination.


Passing of examination
  1. Getting minimum 50% of marks in each subject with in four consecutive attempts is declared as passing the exam.
  2. Getting minimum 45% of marks in each subject with an aggregate of 50% of marks in all subject in a single attempt is also declared as passing the exam.


Passing of JAIIB Exam : A common misconception among some bankers

I have seen many of my colleagues who are appearing for the exam for the 1st block ( first attempt/ 2nd attempt)  and score below 45 in one or two subjects. Then they won’t appear for the next paper saying “no use for appearing in the second or third paper, because I scored below 45 in one subject. So even if i clear remaining papers i won’t pass the exam”.

This is a completely wrong perspective/understanding about the structure of JAIIB exam. Since the passing tenure of the JAIIB exam is 2 years (4 consecutive attempts). If we scored minimum 50 marks in any one subject in one attempt of 1st block of exam. Then the passing credit for that subject is passed to the second attempt of the 1st block of exam. So you don’t need to appear for that exam in this attempt. Even if we have not cleared all of our papers in the 1st block of exam. The passing credit will be carried over to the next consecutive block of exam i.e 2nd Block of the exam. So, we don’t need to appear for the cleared paper (s) in this block. The only draw back is exam fees is paid again for the second block.

If a person has not cleared all the three papers in four consecutive attempts, then only the passing credit will be terminated and he/she have to appear for all the papers again for next two block of exams.

So don’t lose the hope; Kindly attend all the papers in first three consecutive attempts irrespective of results (provided if you have score 50 or more in a paper). Since all are multiple choice questions, there is a possibility of passing the paper by luck. Then this passing credit is carried over to the next consecutive attempt. Even if the person has scored below 50, he/she has acquired experience about the pattern of question. And he/she has tested their knowledge in that paper,

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  3. Prashant

    Nice explaination given

    1. Guru Bakyesvara Pandiyan (Post author)

      Thank you :).

  4. Rahul

    Sir, i am selected for clerk in PNB. Most probably my joining would come by august. So may I apply for JAIIB exam for Jan/Feb cycle?

    1. Guru Bakyesvara Pandiyan (Post author)

      Yeah sure you can apply. I got joined in Tamilnad Mercantile Bank on 21st July 2014 and I appeared for the November 2014 JAIIB exam. So you can apply provided you have passed the Matriculation or its equivalent examination.

  5. Vijay kohli

    Right now working in andhra bank as a clerk, appeared in jaiib cleared 2 papers and 1 paper remaining(still not attempted) . Previously in ibps6 got selected for syndicate bank po and joining in sept/oct. Will i get my jaiib increment in syndicate bank? If i cleared all 3 papers.

    1. Guru Bakyesvara Pandiyan (Post author)

      Yes, you will be eligible for getting the increment in Syndicate Bank. There is no role for the banks in JAIIB certification. JAIIB is a professional certificate recognised by all banks especially banks which follows IBA salary structure. So it doesn’t matter which bank you are working while clearing the JAIIB exam, if you have passed then you will be getting the increment.

  6. aryan

    I am preparing for ibps po and cleared dbf this year. will my dbf be converted to jaiib once i join a psu bank or i will have to give jaiib again ?

    1. Guru Bakyesvara Pandiyan (Post author)

      No need to appear for JAIIB. Your Dip. Banking & Finance Certificate can be converted into JAIIB once you are appointed in a Bank.

  7. Ragothaman D

    Sir i applied for jaiib last nov/dec 2016 but i could not attend all 3 papers that time. During My second attemt in first block may/june 2017 i scored 55 in ppb 48 in accounting 55 in legal papers will it be considered pass or i have to appear again for accounting by enrolling again for 2 nd block attempts.

    1. Guru Bakyesvara Pandiyan (Post author)

      Your passing credit for both ppb and legal will be carried forward to second consecutive block of exams (for next two sessions). So you have to appear only for accounting paper during nov/dec 2017 session by paying the applicable fees.
      Suppose you have not cleared the same in nov/dec 2017 then during jun2018 session also you need to appear only for accounting paper and you don’t need to pay any fees.

  8. Shanthini

    I want to attend jaiib exam

    1. Guru Bakyesvara Pandiyan (Post author)

      First get the iibf membership and register for the exam. If you need any specific help you can ask here.


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