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4 Important Certificate Courses that are essential for Capacity Building of Bankers. What is next after CAIIB or JAIIB?

Capacity Building of Bankers what is next after CAIIB or JAIIB

Capacity Building of Bankers/Banks: Reserve Bank of India had constituted a committee called “Committee on Capacity Building” during July 2014. ┬áThe objectives of this committee are capacity building of bankers, banks and non-banks institutions; Streamlining the training and certification of…
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What’s next after CAIIB?: 15 Certificate Exams in Finance and Banking useful for Bankers

Introduction As per IBA settlement, bankers who have passed JAIIB and CAIIB exams are entitled to salary increments. The Banks which are following IBA Salary structure is giving this benefit to their employees. After passing JAIIB, Clerks are eligible to…
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