5 Habits that helped me to clear JAIIB and CAIIB exams in first attempt

Being a B.Sc in AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer) graduate I started my career as a banker during July 2014. When I was starting my career I had huge responsibilities on my shoulders since my marriage date just one month away.

While I was joining, I don’t have any awareness about the JAIIB and CAIIB examination. To be true. I don’t have any idea about banking itself. It was during my induction training program I learned about JAIIB and CAIIB examination.

Though I don’t know anything about the banking industry I adopted it as my career. Because I was not left with any other choice, as my marriage was very near. I had failed miserably in my previous career at Aviation Industry. I didn’t get any stable jobs there.

But I don’t want to lose this career opportunity and I really wanted to become a professional banker. To be frank, I applied for November 2014 JAIIB exam only to get those increments for my family expenses. But soon I realized the importance of those exams in our Banking career.

During my exam preparation, I started to feel the depth of the Banking ocean. I clearly understood that to swim in this ocean I must develop my knowledge.

So I started to work every day with the help of my routine habits that I followed to clear DGCA License exams for my AME course.

Eventually, I cleared both JAIIB and CAIIB in single and consecutive attempts. Even though I had no knowledge in our Banking Industry, the following 5 important habits helped me to clear JAIIB and CAIIB exam in very first attempt.

5 Habits that helped me to clear JAIIB and CAIIB exams:

#1. Having a Positive Attitude

I conveyed my hearty wishes to those passed the JAIIB examination successfully but I didn’t say anything to those who failed right? No, I dedicate this post and my whole blog to them.  I didn’t write this post with the intention to brag about my first attempt success. Rather I wanted to create some inspiration and to produce positive waves within them.

If you want to get the success you should not resign yourself to failure, you should re-bounce your efforts to the failure until you succeed in your goal. Remember passing an exam is not an inborn talent, it is just putting consistent efforts.

To be consistent we should develop a positive attitude within ourselves and keep out of negative mindsets. Yeah, I know about your manager’s scolding and customer’s shouting. They will drag your positive mindset but you have to find your way to stay away from negative thoughts.

Positive thinking and optimistic attitude will help you to make your problems into opportunities. It also helps you to motivate yourself. So you must make your positive thinking as your habit to stay happy and healthy.

How I managed?

To get a positive attitude and to get motivated I always recollect my responsibilities I owe to my family. Also, I search for inspiration like the success stories of celebrities and entrepreneurs. When I read those stories I feel motivated. Because my problems will become tiny in front of theirs. So that gives me a positive mind to find a solution to my problems.

#2. Developing time management habit

This is really an important habit. If you want time for everything you need to schedule your things within 24 hrs of your day. Yes, I can understand your feelings, you need to be on office before one hour of your official starting time. You have to leave the office after 8 or 9 pm. You need to spend time with your family. You need time to sleep etc.

So having time management skill is a must for everyone. Think about how you are spending your time now and how can you rework your schedule. Don’t waste your time on social media unless it enhances your knowledge. Be productive and study efficiently those hours.

One of the critical parts of time management is to study efficiently as possible. Allocate at least 1.5 to 2 hrs of study time in your daily routine. If we closely monitor our time on social media, on an average we definitely spend 2 hrs in it. To avoid that prioritize your work and include your study time in it.

Try to have 6 to 7 hrs of sleep. I reduced my sleeping time during my JAIIB and CAIIB preparation. Many times I had a headache due to improper sleep. It has adversely affected my working hours productivity. I request you to have at least 6 to 7 hrs of sleep.

How I managed?

Thorough improper sleeping time of 3 to 4 hrs sometimes below than that (I never recommend this to anyone). When I am eating I will read topics related to JAIIB and CAIIB exams using my smartphone. By these, I daily managed to get 3 hrs to 4 hrs of study time. One thing I wanted to mention is I don’t take continuous study. I used to have 30 to 40  minutes of the study session. Only if I completely immersed in a topic I will deprive my sleep until I get a detailed understanding of the topic.

#3. Improving Reading and Learning Habit

Having a compulsory study time is to improve our reading habit regularly. Developing reading habits encourages us to learn more. We often have a mindset that reading is for kinder gardens and for school students.

That is really a wrong mentality towards reading; Reading habit is a must for all. Whether you are a kid, child, teen, youth, adult or a senior citizen you need to read regularly to update your knowledge.

Reading also diverts our mind from our work stress and family tensions. When you understand what we read it creates positivity in our mind. Developing a good reading habit is necessary in this dynamic world.

While reading is a habit of studying a book or a blog post or anything that is written, learning is a skill of understanding and practising the things we read. So gathering the knowledge from your reading is very very important. Reading is just an input signal but your CPU (brain) has to process the signals and store them in as meaningful information.

So whatever you are reading please try to understand them. Many aspirants do this mistake they simply read all the previous year questions and answers. Then they even pass the examination but it won’t be helpful for their day to day banking operations.

The aim of JAIIB examination is to provide basic knowledge to the persons working in banking and financial institutions. So keep that in mind and prepare for the exam with the intention to improve your knowledge and for your career development.

How I managed?

From my childhood itself I developed a strong desire for reading, so allocating time for reading is not at all a problem for me. But I struggled to understand what I read as the topics are very new.

But I used the analogy method, regularly revising from my notes, practising and reading until I understand the idea behind it. Remember reading/studying is a short term process while learning is a long term process. So it takes time to learn and gain knowledge.

#4. Notes Taking Habit

While preparing for any exams taking effective and meaningful notes is a crucial skill. They help you to recall the information when you revise them again. Since you are writing down the important information you will learn and remember it better.

When you started to take notes you will give importance to details which will make you ask more questions and trigger you to find short answers for it. During this process, you will learn about the topic in detail and it enhances your understanding of the topic.

From the exam point of view, the important benefit of taking notes is to review them at regular intervals. So the better you take notes the more you can recollect the information later.

My personal advice is to take handwritten notes. Though using a computer or mobile apps are more convenient. They will actually distract you from learning and understanding the topic.

Don’t think note-taking is waste of time. Once you are familiarized it will be very easy for you to take notes. Because your eyes are now trained to spot the important details within seconds.

How I managed?

I prefer only taking handwritten notes. While learning new un-familiarized and tough topics I will take separate notes in a notebook. Starting from basics to more complex concepts I will take snippets and revise them regularly.

If what written in the book needs additional information I just write down that additional point near that sentence in the book itself. If the information in the book is clear and important, I just underline the sentence and put an ‘X-mark’ symbol.

#5. Be Goal and Action-oriented

You need to a be a goal setter as the syllabus are vast especially CAIIB syllabus. In order to learn all the topics, you have to set targets for every week. Creating goals or targets makes you plan your work thus helping you to manage your time efficiently.

Working towards your targets motivates you to achieve big. It will drive you to push yourself from your comfort zone that leads to set higher goals. In order to be a goal oriented person, you have to create study plans for every week. Also, you should be true to yourself to achieve the goals without fail.

Hard working is nothing but setting many smaller goals and working until you achieve it. Remember simply setting goals won’t bring us success. We have to work towards our goal. Therefore we have to be an action taker. You have to take the initiative and work on your smaller targets until you complete them.

I agree everyday things will not happen as we planned. But without having a proper study plan we cannot cover the entire syllabus of examination. So having a study plan (goal or target) for every week and taking actionable efforts to cope up with the study plan is very important for the preparation of the examination.

How I managed?

Every week I set one or two specific and realistic goal. For example, I plan to complete two units of a module in one week. Then every day for two hours I read about the topics related to the units.

Sometimes I may not be able to complete my targets for that week. Then I skip my sleep for the next few days to complete my study plan for the previous week.


The above habits are not only important for exams but also very useful for our day to day life. Many successful people keep up these good habits to perform at their maximum capacity.

By slowly creating the above good habits and adopting positive behaviours, you too become successful in any exam as well as in your life.

Please feel free to provide your comments and tell me about out your good habits in the comment section.

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