4 Important Certificate Courses that are essential for Capacity Building of Bankers. What is next after CAIIB or JAIIB?

Capacity Building of Bankers what is next after CAIIB or JAIIB

Capacity Building of Bankers/Banks:

Reserve Bank of India had constituted a committee called “Committee on Capacity Building” during July 2014.  The objectives of this committee are capacity building of bankers, banks and non-banks institutions; Streamlining the training and certification of staffs in banking & non banking financial sector. The Committee had recommended many things related to HRM function, training of staffs, certification of staffs etc,.

Among those recommendations, one of their key recommendation is staffs who are working in the following specialized areas should have completed certification courses.

  • Treasury operations – Dealers, mid-office operations.
  • Risk management – credit risk, market risk, operational risk, enterprise-wide risk, information security, liquidity risk.
  • Accounting – Preparation of financial results, audit function.
  • Credit management – credit appraisal, rating, monitoring, credit administration.

Further RBI has advised IBA to include certificate course for who are working in Foreign Exchange Operations on 31.05.2017. Now the RBI has advised that with effect from 01.04.2018, to post only those employees who have acquired certification in the above areas. It also advises the Bank to prepare comprehensive policy for implementing the above recommendations. For details visit RBI circular at Capacity Building in Banks and All India Financial Institutions (AIFIs)

Based on this advice IBA has identified the following blended courses offered by Indian Institute of Banking & Finance in association with other Institutions on 26.04.2017.

Areas where certification has been identified by RBI
Course offered by IIBF and identified by IBA
1 Risk management – credit risk, market risk, operational risk, enterprise-wide risk, information security, liquidity risk
Risk in Financial Services
2 Treasury operations- Dealers, Mid office operations
Certified Treasury Dealer
3 Credit management- credit appraisal, rating, monitoring, credit administration
Certified Credit Officer
4 Foreign Exchange Operations
Certificate Course in Foreign Exchange

For more details about the blended courses such as fees, exam date, syllabus visit Examination / Courses.

Certificate Examination in Risk in Financial Services (CERIFS):

It is a blended course conducted by IIBF in conjunction with Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI), London. The aim of this course is to help the bankers and employees of FIs to gain expertise in the area of Risk Management while providing Financial Services.

It consists of two levels; Level 1 is conducted by IIBF and Level 2 is conducted by CISI. Examination fee for Level 1 is Rs.2500/- + Service Tax and Level 2 examination fee is comes around 105 Euros which is paid to CISI.

Eligibility: The applicant should be a member of IIBF and he should be working in Banks or other FIs.

To buy the RISK MANAGEMENT BOOKs for Level 1 examination @ 10% discount click below and start preparing for the exam now.

Certified Treasury Dealer (CeTDC):

This course is developed with the objective to train the dealers for front office operations in the integrated dealing rooms of Banks and other FIs. This course consists of two components viz, 1.Online Examination on Treasury Dealer and 2.Classroom learning for 3 days. This course is available for non members of the institute also.

  • Fees for Level 1 online Exam is Rs.6000/- + Service Tax for two consecutive attempts.
  • Fess for Level 2 Classroom Training is Rs.10000/- + Service Tax.

For more details related to the exam please visit Certified Treasury Dealer Course

Certified Credit Officer

The main objective of this course to develop quality credit officers in banks to perform different credit functions in Banks. And also to develop the advance skills required for handling the credit management issues.

Level 1: Online Exam  and the examination fees is Rs.6000/- + Service Tax  and

Level 2: Class room Learning and the fees is Rs.15000/- + Service Tax

Eligibility: This course is open to Graduates in any discipline who are members of the institute preferably CAIIB.


For more details related to exam please visit Certified Credit Officer Course

Certificate Course in Foreign Exchange (FX):

Purpose: To familiarise the Foreign exchange operations to employees of Banks/FIs.

Eligibility: This course is for employees working with Authorised Dealer (AD) member of FEDAI,

Fees: Rs.1000/- + Taxes.

Please visit Certificate Course in Foreign Exchange regarding schedule, syllabus etc,.

Certificate Course on “Accounting” (Not yet introduced)

IIBF has informed that it will announce a course on “Accounting” shortly, covering preparation of financial results and audit function.


Capacity Building means the process of individual or organisation improving their skills, abilities, knowledge in order to do their works competently and to survive, adapt, thrive in this fast changing world. If you have read my previous articles I always mention that our Banking industry is dynamic and we need to improve our knowledge regularly.

Now it is going to be mandatory to improve our knowledge to sustain in our Banking career. So it is very important for all bankers to complete the above certificate courses. Then we can work or continue to work in those specialised areas.

Also read our article WHAT IS NEXT AFTER CAIIB/JAIIB for more capacity building courses for bankers.

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      You should prepare for SBI clerk/PO exam or IBPS exam. Some private sector banks also conduct recruitment exams such as KVB, TMB bank, South Indian Bank etc., So prepare for those exams.


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